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For the fourth year running, Rob Thomson has been responsible for creating an Unconference event for ALIA.  Specifically it is aimed at NSW Library Technicians and Library Technician Students however, all library folk are welcome!

Rob is joined this year by Connie Ross who jumped at the chance to get involved with helping Rob organise the day.

This years’ theme is entitled ‘UnMeash’.  What does UnMeash mean, I mean really?

Well, it’s a bit of a long story – so long story short is:

I started off this year thinking that instead of going with a date format as I have done in previous years (one8nine, MAYDAY, thirtyseveneleven) I’d go for a name – but what to call it. I started off with thinking along the Mesh idea – as in we mesh togheter, meshing of ideas, and the fact that a mesh is like a network etc and then thought that perhaps because Library Technicians do a mish-mash of jobs in Libraries something like mesh-mash which would also pick up on the idea of Library Mash-ups might work but neither of these was really ‘doing it’ for me. Connie had offered to help so I emailled her with my ideas and she came back with UnMeash picking up from the unleashing of ideas, the unconference, the mesh idea of a network and the meshing of ideas and mashing of applications – so a portmanteau of words and ideas in one expression of what we hope for the day.

Once again we are indebted to Australian Catholic University North Sydney Library for the use of their facilities and resources.

Come and join Connie and I at UnMeash for 2012 on 25th August! It’s going to be great!!


Feel free to download and print the UnMeash brochure:

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