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Book Genre Periodic Table


From comes this handy dandy genre periodic table:


More Pecha Kucha speakers – Rob and Victor


Rob Thomson has put his hat in the ring, bit the bullet and decided to present:  “Future of Libraries”.  I for one am really looking forward to this.  Rob was my teacher and I could listen to him for hours on this subject.  He has amassed a wealth of information so if you want to benefit from Rob’s knowledge you must Register to see this session!

Victor Davidson is also being generous with his time and will be presenting!  I have seen Victor present previously and I remember crazily writing down notes the whole time.  He is a Teacher Librarian of great repute. Another one not to miss!


“Running” a Session


When you register you are asked to nominate at least one and no more than four topics you’d like to see up for discussion on the day. The next question asks if you would like to host or run a session on the day. Most people will probably want to just click the No button – But! Wait!before you do…

At the ALIA National Library Technicians Conference in Perth, Lisa Cluett presented a paper on Spreading the emerging technology ‘virus’: how all staff can learn, apply and build community around using interactive tools ( where she argued that often with new technologies and new applications all you really need is to find someone else (or a small group of someone else’s) who know just a little bit more than you do, spend some time ‘playing’ with the technology and collectively the group will learn more. Call it “Group Intelligence” if you like. Or the Wisdom of Crowds.

Last year someone suggested we have a session on Graphic Novels in Libraries and I gave them the job of hosting the session which they weren’t that keen on doing, however, afterwards they said it had been a fantastic session as everyone had contributed. All you really need to do is ask the first question!! Everyone is there to learn but you will all bring something to the table and together there will be some amazing learning occuring.

So, don’t go by first instincts. If you know a little bit about the subject you may be the perfect person to host it as you will ask all the right questions and (hopefully) everyone else who knows another little bit about it will be able to share and together you will all find the answers!

So, have a go – it’s how we learn. Together.


Register Here!


A bit large but you get the point.  Follow the arrow to the menu bar where you will see the ‘Register Here’ Menu – or click on the big sign below!

And now for something completely different…


This has nothing much to do with the upcoming UnMeash UnConference 2012, apart from being about Libraries… and the serendipity of discovery.

However, for an insight into the somewhat arcane world of Cathedral Libraries I came across this blog from Worcester Cathedral Library and Archives which makes for some fascinating reading:

Some of the treasures Tamsin has highlighted are quite amazing – even King John’s thumb bone (perhaps from the hand that signed the Magna Carta!)

It begs the question – does any Australian Cathedral have a Library?

We have it all covered with CoverItLive


Amazing news! UnMeash Unconference 2012 is using CoverItLive for live blogging. Cheers CoverItLive – looking after the non-profits.

You will notice that we have added a link to the live blogging site as a widget on the right column of this website.  This will be activated on the day for people to use.

More to follow!

Registration Reminder


Registration is just around the corner – .  We are gearing up for the day – you should be too!! Bring your morning or afternoon tea, your opinions, your knowledge and your listening ears.  Unconferences are casual affairs that pack a punch. Feel like talking – great!  Suggest a session or nominate to lead one or do a Lightning Talk.  This can all be done when you register.  

Since there will be WiFi available on the day, bring your mobile devices and Tweet updates to #unmeash2012.  There will be plug in points for laptops and mobile devices for your presentations.  More details on this to follow. 

The registration page on the website will become active 2nd July.  Please follow us to receive updates (see links at the right of the page).  


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