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WiFi, Social Media and Room Setup

Let’s get connected – let’s curate notes and images to remember and use.  We are sure there will be lots of good stuff on the day, let’s capture it!

First Things first – Free WiFi

If you are brining a laptop, tablet or smartphone, then there will be free wifi.

Sometimes there can be issues with WiFi for whatever reason, so If all else fails, bring a dongle! I will be!

Social Media/Cloud Apps


CoveritLive is a web-based service for blogging events in real time, or ‘liveblogging‘. I will use it to provide live commentary during the day.  It will pull in all the tweets that occur during the event if people add the hashtag:  #unmeash2012.  If the speaker at the time has some great bit of information, I can add it to CIL for everyone to access.

As Wikipedia suggests: “The browser-based application allows users (Rob and Connie on the day) to post and update content, insert images or video, create polls, provide feedback, and manage Q&A sessions. CoveritLive also archives each session. New posts and updates are refreshed automatically, meaning that readers don’t have to manually refresh their browser.”  The information is permanently avaialable after the day so that participants can get access to the information on an ongoing basis.


When using Twitter, make sure you include the hashtag: #unmeash2012 to build a conversation and have that conversation included on the ‘CoverItLive’ feed. Include @unmeash2012 if you wish to send us a Twitter message directly.

Follow us on Twitter!  See the ‘Follow Me’ button the right hand side of this website.


If you are a Facebook user, you may use our Facebook page to connect.  Please ‘like us’ to get updates on what is going on with the unconference.  Add posts, comments, whatever you like.  We would love to hear your ideas and opinions on all things ‘UnMeashy’.  If we want to upload extra material, this is where we will do it.  This is especially true in the week or two leading up to the unconference.  Switch over to Twitter on the day of the Unconference for the latest content.


If you aren’t currently a convert to Evernote, you will be soon!  I use it to run my whole life.  On the day I will be tapping away adding notes to my Evernote account (when not using CIL!).  Swap email addresses with fellow participants on the day and email each other your Evernote notes!

If my notes are decent on the day I will add a public link to my notes HERE.

Evernote Hello

This little app. will help you to capture your fellow participants details.  Found a great buddy and want to start a collaboration or share information (that’s what  UnMeash is all about!) well, this is where Evernote Hello can help.  It will help you put a face to a name.  Take a tour.

Rather that adding a whole heap of text here, read the information in this link: Evernote Hello.


Upload any images on the day, to your Flickr account, adding a tag of ‘unmeash2102’ to build a photo album of the day.   I have created a group for photos. Flickr Group:  Flickr group for UnMeash2012.

Once you register for UnMeash, I will send you an email to invite you join this group so you may add pictures.

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